Living in Thrakomakedones

As a resident of the area since 1995, I consider Thrakomakedones region to be an ideal residential area inseparably linked to its natural environment and its benefits. Thrakomakedones, due to its terrain and orientation, is a sunshiny place with panoramic views particularly in its inclined sites. The climate is dry with relatively cool summers and mild winters, at least in recent years, while the clear atmosphere derives from the prevailing north winds.

The community, as a place of interaction and socialising, promotes interpersonal relationships along with an intense feeling of privacy at a time when qualities such as these are gradually becoming extinct among the majority of contemporary cities. Moreover, the possibility of inhabitants being involved in an array of activities, such as entertainment, education or sports coupled with the natural environment contributes to a more intriguing lifestyle for youngsters and adults alike.

All in all, Thrakomakedones locality embraces all these intrinsic merits that prompt someone to a housing investment thus reaping the benefits of a high quality lifestyle for themselves and their families.

    Research – Compilation
           Vasso Katraki
        Real Estate Agent